Monday, January 30, 2012

Mind the Writer Mondays

On Mondays, I'm going to give vent to that fact that I'm a teen writer and talk about one of my favorite things! My writing! If you get board feel free to skip this post.
So, what am I writing?
Currently I am in the editing phase of my first novel. It's a Sci-Fi/Fantasy about a fourteen year old girl named Jemma.
After the death of both her parents, Jemma discovers she's adopted. She sets out on a quest to find her true mother and her search takes her into the midst of a rebellious organization known as The Revellen. Jemma learns that her birth mother is a key player in The Revellen, but is currently missing after going on a dangerous mission. Can Jemma find and rescue her in time?
THE REVELLEN is a full length 60,000 word novel.
Yeah, it's that cool. Don't you wish you'd thought of it?
I'm hoping to be done editing it by the end of the school year, at which point I'll start on my next book idea.
What is that idea? Come back next week and see.


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