Monday, February 20, 2012

Mind the Writer Mondays

Happy Monday! Unlike Garfield, I don't mind Mondays too much.
I'm also happy to tell you that next Monday I think we'll be having a guest post from a fellow pre-published teen writer. Cheek back next week to see it!

As for my writing this past week, it's been alright. Last week I decided I need to re-write the first six (at least) chapters of my WIP (work in progress.) I'm happy to say I have re-written those chapters. I am not happy that my word count shrunk a lot as I did this.
My next writing step is to re-write a rather long and important scene. One that I've already re-written four times. For some reason, I just can't get this scene right. The scene involves two characters who are best friends meeting two characters who are spies and traitors. It contains a lot of talking and is a very big moment in the story.
In this scene, the FMC (Female Main Character) decides to leave her home town and set off on an adventure to find her mother. It's a scene the whole beginning of the book is leading up to and it refuses to work. *Sigh*

So my goal for this week is to finish that scene and polish the two chapters that follow it.

What about your writing goals for this week? I'd love to hear them.
Happy Writing!


  1. Good luck with that, it's always hard with the big important scenes to get them just right! It's also very impressive that you have such clear goals. Mine vary in their vagueness from week to week; but I generally try to make sure that I set aside time to write/edit (at the minute it's mainly editing, and I keep becoming disillusioned with stuff... although I started something new over the weekend. whoops). I know I'll go mad if I don't have some time to do some writing!I generally make goals as small as possible, like edit one chapter. Wow, I'm babbling. Sorry!
    Like you, I also find my word count going down, instead of up as I edit!
    Good luck :)

  2. Hi Sarah ~ Your blog wouldn't let me post a comment as a Wordpresser or through Open ID, so now i'm trying through my google account (my old blog). Don't know if anyone else is having trouble.

    I cruised in here from Rach's Platform Campaign. I'm always thrilled when teens are writing, blogging, and blogging about writing. You have the passion and perseverance of someone who probably will get published by a "big house" by the time you get out of college. You've got a jump start, that's for sure. :-)

    Not that you asked for advice ... but I suggest instead of rewriting and editing what you already have, that you simply plow through to the end of the story and see what you've got as a whole. Otherwise, you may end up "polishing your buttons" as they say. Plus, stories have lives of their own and it may lead you someplace new and unexpected, but you have to let it take you there first.

    Also, I teach creative writing and post "writing workouts" every Friday on my blog. I just posted one that helps when you get to that "important scene":

    As well, you can access all of my writing exercises from this page:

    1. Hi! I'm sorry about the posting problem. Your not the first person to have trouble posting comments. I'll try and fix that problem.
      Thanks for the advice too. I'll be sure to cheek out some of your weekend workouts.
      As for finishing the story, I already have. The first draft was complete at just under 60,000 words. I blogged about it here:

      Although I have to agree that while writing the first draft, it was important to keep on writing and not get sidetracked or discouraged by the things that had yet to be polished.
      Thanks so much for commenting!
      ~Sarah F.

    2. Amazing! I think as a teen a started 6 novels and never got past chapter 3. Way to go.

  3. Typically, your word count is expected to go down while editing, so don't worry about that! It just shows that you're doing some good editing! Best of luck with this week's goals!

  4. My goal this week is all about revision and critiquing for others.
    Good luck on that rewrite :)

    PS: updates on my writing life are on
    I had to use google to be able to say "hi I was here".
    Have a great week.

  5. I'm struggling with a scene right now too. I have to come up with almost "superpowers" for one of my characters and right now, I'm kinda stumped. But I'm gonna keep chipping away at it until I get it right.


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