Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why I haven't posted (And another award!)

Okay, so I haven't posted since last Thursday.  There are a few reasons.  My dad surprised the family with a trip to his side of the fam.  Although this was fun it is a three hour trip and I didn't take my laptop.  We got back on Sunday, and Monday afternoon we picked up this:

Her name is Oreo and she's eight weeks old.

I love her a lot!
But that's not all for the blog post today.  On Sunday I received a little something from Lily over at Lily's Notes in the Margins.  Thanks Lily!  She gave me the Kreativ Blogger Award!

Okay, the rules:
I have to answer 10 questions about myself, share 10 random facts about myself, then award this to 7 kreativ bloggers.
Sounds fun!


What is your favorite song?  Welcome to Our World by Amy Grant

What is your favorite dessert? Chocolate Mousse maybe, but I love making all kinds of sweets.

What ticks you off? When I find mistakes in published things.  Lately I've especially noticed missing quotation marks.  Such as  "My kitten is so cute" she said.  I just love it!" 

When you're upset, what do you do? Sometimes I write, sometimes I compose long letters to my big sister, sometimes I cry.  A lot of times I pray and read my bible.

What is your favorite pet? Cats.  Or, more specifically, kittens.  I really love tiger colored ones a lot.

Which do you prefer: black or white? To wear?  Black.  Memorial day always makes me sad because I'm not supposed to wear black anymore, or at least not as much.  But white can also be a good thing.  Like a fresh page in my WiP.  White is full of possibilities.

What is your attitude? I'm not really sure.  Those of you who read this and know me personally, what do you think? 

What is perfection? Finishing a good clean books with a sad smile on my face.  Smile because I loved it, sad because it's over.

What is your guilty pleasure? Netfilx when I should be asleep..

1. I got a kitten!  (Have I mentioned that yet?)
2. I'm officially a sophomore!
3. My other cat (Marmalade, he's orange) seams really HUGE now that I have Oreo
4. I have three brothers and two sisters.
5. Out of all my sisters, I'm the only one in the USA right now.
6. I'm currently writing a Star Wars-ish Sci-Fi for my little brothers.
7. This year is my golden birthday, and it's going to be in about two weeks.
8. An author I asked for an interview got back to me this week and said yes!
9. My bedroom is blue.
10. This summer is going to be really busy.

Okay and the 7 awesome Kreativ Blogers are:

Hannah at Candy Apple Books
Molly at Odds & Ends Twins
Abby at Odds & Ends Twins
Jess at Jessica K. McKendry, Wirte. Skate. Dream
Nick at -Writing Fire-
Rosie at Writings of Rosie
Nairam at Nairam of Sherwood


  1. Thanks a million, Sarah!

    Oreo is so cute! I can't wait to meet her.

  2. Wooohooo! Thanks Sarah :)

    Is Oreo going to be in the Sci-Fi you're writing for your little brothers? Because that would be awesome ... Maybe she could be the cat version of Darth Vader ...

    Hmm, I think I'm onto something.

    1. Nick, LOL. I hadn't thought of giving Oreo role in the Sci-Fi. Space cat villain? It would defiantly be a unique idea.

  3. I loved this! I can't ait to get out for summer on June 15th xD Then I'll also be a sophomore!
    I want a kitten!!!! aaahh!!! It's so cute! :)
    I'm year behind you xD I won't have my golden birthday for another year!


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