Sunday, June 17, 2012

Teens Can Write Too Blog Chain!

I know this post is later in the day then normal, but what with church and Father's day, I couldn't do it any earlier.  Anyway, here is my Teens Can Write Too June blog chain post.  This is my second month with this blog chain and so far I really like it!
The topic this month is: (And I quote)
Let’s face it; we all judge books by their covers. What kind of covers grab you? Why?
So, covers.  I like them.  There is nothing better then finding a book with a cover that makes it impossible to ignore.
First, I don't particularly like having the characters on covers.  Parts of a character is okay, like the profile or hands or an eye, but I don't like the face in full detail.  That's just me.  (I don't mind if the characters are sketched, I just don't like pictures of models.)

Anyway, here is one of my all time favorite covers.  It's from one of my all time favorite books.  You should go read this book.  Right now.  Yes, that means you.

I like covers that make me ask questions.  Covers that automatically scream "You DO want to read me."  Here are a few examples:

Can you see why I would like these?

And then, because I'm a girl, I like pretty covers. 

Yeah, like I said, I'm a girl.
And there is one more type of cover that I love.  The kind that just plain promises adventure.

So yeah.  Those are the kind of covers that intrigue me.  What about you?

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Have a great fathers day!


  1. Haha...even though we aren't supposed to judge books by the cover, we often do! :)

    Many of these covers appeal to me, too. And I just love the dress on the cover of The Lady of Bolton Hill!

  2. Hmmm... Most of those look interesting, except those with ball gowns. Being a boy, I'm not so enthusiastic about those.
    I've heard of Legend now from three different people, and have yet to receive an answer-- is it worth the read?
    Could you give me your three favorites from this list-- excluding those with adolescent females featured on the covers? Also excluding Artemis Fowl, which I've read. But other than those, I'd be interested in some new good books.

    1. Liam, I can see where ball gowns might not be appealing. :) I guess my three favorites for a boy would be The False Prince, The Last Knight and Unwind. Of course, The Thief is also one of my all time favorite books, but I figured you could tell by the post.
      As for Legend, I liked it, but the whole premise of the book is a romance. There is also quite a bit of violence. I liked the book, but that doesn't mean everyone will.

    2. Okay, that's good to know. Thanks!

  3. Wow, I've read a few of those books but they had completely different covers! Mister Monday for example - TOTALLY different. Oh, and the Artemis Fowl one up there. Mind you, I think my AF books are UK first editions so they're probably different :D

    1. Miriam, yeah covers change so much sometimes. The AF books just got new covers by Disney/Hyperion books, but I really don't like the new covers. Where are you from that most of the covers are different?

  4. I tried to read The Thief once, but the library didn't have it! Or at least, my search wasn't working. :(

    1. Hannah, the library has it in the children's and YA section.

    2. Okay, thanks, I'll look again.

  5. The UNWIND and THIRTEEN DAYS TO MIDNIGHT covers are SOOOO good! Thank you for sharing those! I'm not sure why everyone loves the cover for THE SELECTION. Even though I'm a guy, I can usually see why people love a cover, but I don't see it for that one. *shrug* And something about the cover for AFTER makes me think it's a teen pregnancy book. Or am I going crazy? Ha!

    Great post!

    1. Unwind is one of the best books I've read this year! I can't wait for the next one to come out! As for The Selection mostly Pretty Dress + Girl Bookworm = Instant Love! Also, I think that there's more mystery to the cover then most dress covers.
      And yes, After is a teen pregnancy book. Good eye!
      Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Good post! I love covers with ballgowns. And I really like that cover for Dealing With Dragons (one of my favorite books ever). I'm not sure I'd seen that one before.

  7. I just today stumbled upon your blog today. I am very intrigued with the book cover blog chain and wished I had heard about earlier:(
    I love the selections for the girly book covers! That's me for sure. I would read them just because of the covers!
    But it is hard to pick a favorite here because they all look interesting. I am a visual person, so what I see must grab my attention. Great choices!

    1. Hey Talynn! I'm so glad you came to my blog! How did you find me? I like your blog too! (New follower:D)
      Ball gowns are awesome. I wish I owned one . . . or one hundred. ;)


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