Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturdays of Simple Referal: Indiana Writer

Many apologies for the lack of posts.  I planned on posting on Wednesday, but then life happened and well, you know. . . I forgot.  But I'm posting again today, thought it's short.
First, I want to spotlight a fellow teen writer's blog.

This is a blog by a christian girl named Natalie Noel.  She's pretty cool.  (And by the way, we have the same favorite singer.)  You can find her blog by clicking here.

Have a great weekend, everyone.  Leave me a comment ant let me know some of your plans.  :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Teen Ten Page Extension

Hey Guys!  Because of the low turn out for the Teen Ten Page Contest --ahem--zero--ahem--, the team has decided to extend the deadline to October 4th.  All the rules are still the same and you can view them here.  We can't wait to receive your entries!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I'm Reading Wednesday

I haven't done a What I'm Reading Wednesday since June!  Needless to say, I've read a lot of books since then.  But we'll just cover four for today.

First up, Insurgent by Veronica Roth!  This book has been on my to-reads list since Divergent, the first book in the series, was published.  There were somethings I had a hard time following with this book.  Perhaps that was because I read Divergent when it first came out and haven't touched it since.  There were some characters and subplots I'd forgotten about completely.  I think I would have liked the whole book a lot more if I'd re-read Divergent before diving into the sequel.  But although I'd forgotten characters, I still liked this book a lot.

Then I picked up Zelah Green by Vanessa Curtis.  This book is about Zelah, a girl who become obsessive compulsive after her mother's death.  This book talked about some pretty personal subjects for me and I'm really glad I read it.

After that, I switched gears into Legacy by Molly Cochran.  This book is a supernatural modern fantasy.  I found the plot and characters really enjoyable.   It left me with a neutral feeling.  I didn't dislike it, but I wasn't on my seat edge waiting for more.  There was a lot of suggestive material that I didn't care for, but other then that, I liked the romance.  This book didn't leave me with enough to want to read the next one.

Then I picked up Terrier by Tamora Price.  Being the YA fantasy lover that I am, it took me a very long time to get around to these books.  I now wish I had read these books sooner.  I really liked this book.  It was fairly clean (that's a big thing for me.)  It was action packed and suspenseful.  If you haven't sampled this series yet, even if you didn't love all of Tamora's other books, you should check out Terrier.

Don't forget to enter the Teens Ten Page contest!  It closes tomorrow.  See you later (possibly on Saturday.)
Oh, also we got 50 followers for a brief time yesterday, but when I got online this morning we'd lost a follower, dropping it back down to 49.  It would make my day to get back up to 50.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mind the Writer Monday: Guest Post

Okay, so it's Monday.  Last week we (at least those of us in the Sates) had a break for the usual Monday, but it's back again today, like your least favorite song on your playlist.  HOWEVER, to brighten your day I have a guest post from The Book Critic!

Hello everyone at Inklined!
I would tell you my name, but I’m afraid I don’t really work like that. For now, you can call me The Book Critic, and we can still be very good friends despite me being mysterious and secretive.
I’m nothing that special – just a fifteen year old girl trying to get through high school and at the same time write a blog which not only encourages young adults to read but helps with their confidence too. In return for you not knowing my name, I try to share as many personal experiences that I can and post pretty much every day.
Some of you may be familiar with my writing, but if not I will explain the kind of things I write about:

  • BOOKS. Despite my pen name, I don’t criticize them to the point where you will never want to buy another paper-back again! I mostly just provide a personal synopsis of a book, tell my readers what I like about it and then suggest it for anyone who has read another particular (and perhaps more popular) book. The only thing I look out for is whether the book is suitable for a young adult audience or not.

  • CONFIDENCE. Being a teen myself, I often take a look at people around me and ask myself ‘why are they viewing themselves so negatively?’ and believe me I have been known in the past to take one look at myself and burst into tears. However, I realized that it wasn’t right for me to feel that way, and now I try to get teens feeling more confident and happy in general.

  • AUTHORS. I do author interviews and talk to them about their new releases, books they like and the advice they would give to any aspiring author.

If you ever decide to stop by the blog, I would be more than happy to spam you with Big Bang Theory pictures and 90’s songs. In terms of my professional writing, my blog is pretty much my life now. Although I have got an idea for a novel (a joint project with one of my friends) I don’t feel like I want that to be my first proper published book. There is another idea I am brewing over and I feel much more passionate about that one, but it is on hold for now while I decide where I’m going after year 11 and what I want to do between writing the books.
If you thought that was everything about me – think again. There is so much more I want to share with you all and it would be an honour if you could join me at which has helped me to get into the world of writing more than I would have ever imagined!
Thank you so much for having me on your blog Sarah! I look forward to talking to you all and knowing what you think about my blog.
The Book Critic x

Thanks for being here!  Hey everyone, don't forget about the Teen Ten Page Contest!  It closes on Thursday at 11:59 EDT, also, today is the last day to get signed up for the Go Teen Writers 100 for 100 contest!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

100 for 100 Contest

Happy Sunday!  So today is one of those Sundays that I feel I must acknowledged those Hogwarts owls (see side bar calender.)  
I would like to spread the word about something going on at the blog that first pulled me into blogging.  You may have heard me mention Go Teen Writers.  It'a a wonderful community of christian teen writers, and maintained by a handful of published authors.  It is very awesome.
Anyhow!  Go Teen Writers is hosting a 100 for 100 contest, where you sign up to write 100 words a day for 100 days.  Altogether, that's 10K in a little over three months.  You don't have to be a teen to sign up!  For more information click here.  Hope you join in the contest!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

An Award

On Thursday, I was awarded the Fantastic Blog Award by Hannah over at In Neverland.  Thanks Hannah!

Anyway, like all great awards, there are rules;

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and tag them. (check)

2. Ask the next person five questions and answer the five questions given to you.

     1) What was your favorite part of Summer?
     2) What's your favorite season?
     3) What are you looking forward to most in the                                                                                                                             school year?
     4) What's your favorite subject?
     5) Are you wishing for Summer again already?

3. Award five people.
4. Always post the rules.

So, on with the questions:

1) What was your favorite part of Summer?
     The break from school is really nice, and I love going to church camp!

2) What's your favorite season?
     I would have to say fall, so I'm a bit excited for it to start getting cooler.  :)

3) What are you looking forward to most in the school year?
     Drama club!  It's awesome.  You all should join one.  It's like writing, but it's not. . .

4) What's your favorite subject?
     Um?  Reading. . . Writing. . . Math . . . Science

5) Are you wishing for Summer again already?
     Not at all!  I'm enjoying getting back into the school year and starting things like Drama, Choir, Soccer, and Bible Study.

Now to award five other people...

I award;

Emily@Blog of a (Maybe) Teen Author
Lily@Lily's Notes in the Margins
Tori@Stori Tori's Blog
Nick@-Writing Fire-
The Book Critic@The Book Critic

Here are the questions for you guys:

1) What was your favorite part of Blogging?

2) What are some of your favorite blogs?

3) Are there any blogs you follow that have really huge followings?

4) What's your favorite subject to read in?  Write in?

5) If you could interview one author on your blog, who would you pick?

Alright!  That's that.  :)  Have a great week.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Author's Day Thursday: Paulina Czarnecki

Guess what?  Tomorrow is Friday!  Yippy.  :)  The great things about three day weekends is that the week seems even shorter and it's the weekend before you know it.

So, I'd like to introduce Paulina Czarnecki!  (How was that for a transition, eh?)

Paulina is a teen writer/blogger and she's here today for an interview.  Let's get started!

Hi Paulina!
Hi, Sarah! I'm excited to be interviewed for Inklined!

When did you start writing?
In second grade, my teacher stapled together a couple of sheets of paper and told us to write a book. I wrote a Nancy Drew knockoff that had something to do with a cave and rubies... I think. I've been in love ever since. :)

How fun!  My first attempt at writing was a kidnapping mystery.  And when did you know you wanted to be an author?
I found a book by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes at the library, and it was tagged "teen author." That's the first moment I actually realized I could become published. I honestly don't know if I even thought about it before then.

Cool.  And what does your writing process look like?
First of all, I have to have every single little detail planned out--I'm definitely a plotter, not a pantser--although I'm trying to relax that a little bit with my next book. Then I crank the whole thing out, during NaNoWriMo or something similar. I set it aside, re-brainstorm, and then rewrite it. Revising, editing. Haven't gotten to the "publishing" yet. Yet. :D

I really admire NaNoWriMos.  I'm thinking about doing it this year.  Do you like it?
I think that NaNoWriMo is a great way to get all of your ideas out without worrying about the details. Then you can go back, check what works and what doesn't, and how to revise.

Alright!  Well, although you haven't been published yet, are there any agents or publishing houses you would love to represent you?
Well, there's the obvious HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster dreams... I also have a couple of agents saved on file for when I query. Natalie Lakosil caught my eye when she said in an interview that she sympathizes with teen writers who want to get published, and I think it would be awesome if she'd represent me! But I haven't gotten quite that far yet.

Yeah, Simon & Schuster is my #1 dream publisher.  What are a few of your favorite books or authors?
I love the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (of course) and James Patterson's Maximum Ride series. I'm also a huge fan of Becca Fitzpatrick's Hush Hush series, and I really love all of Sarah Dessen's romance novels, my favorite being The Truth About Forever.

I really love the Max series too.  I'm also an avid Sarah Dessen reader, but I haven't read The Truth About Forever yet.  I guess I'll put in on my to-read list.

If you could be any fictional character for a day, who would you be?
Max, from James Patterson's Maximum Ride series. She has wings. I think flying would be just about the best feeling ever...

I think flying is a dream of everyone.  :)  I think being Angel for a day would defiantly be an eye opening experience.  If you could meet anyone in the world from any point in history, who would it be?
Hmmm, that's a hard one... I think I'd like to meet my great-grandfather. He was in a resistance army during World War II, got arrested, and died in a concentration camp... He was a brave man and I think it would be nice to talk to him.

Wow!  That's an amazing story.  Speaking of stories, can you describe your latest manuscript for us?
Sure! It's titled On the Line and it's about 85, 000 words long. Here's the "official" blurb:

Blaze Houston is a sixteen-year-old Shadow Walker, trained as a mercenary spy to walk the line between right and wrong–though she shies away from “wrong.” Her home, the futuristic Continent, has been drowned in deadly violence for almost a hundred years; the causes for war are shady and official excuses weak. When a Shadow Master, Josiah Flint, barely escapes with his life after mentioning an assignment to finally end the civil war, Blaze is suspicious. After all, Shadow Walkers (even surly middle-aged ones) should be hard to kill. She recruits Wolf Morrison, a good-looking, sarcastic, infuriatingly logical teenage thief to give the mission her own shot. After false leads and adrenaline-filled infiltrations, dangerous encounters and heart pounding near-death experiences, Wolf and Blaze encounter a man so selfish, so powerful, so evil he causes history to be rewritten… But can they overcome his atrocities when they’re far from perfect themselves?

If you want to find out more, my manuscript has its own page on my blog at

That sounds like a really great premise.  I know how hard blurbs can be to write.  I think you did great!  But, what's your least favorite part of writing?
Ugh... Editing. Really looking into the makeup of each sentence kills me. :) 

Seriously?  I love editing.  I have a hard time doing it for long stretches, but I love all the ideas you get to make your book better!  So then, I have to ask, what's your favorite part of writing?
Revising. I love being able to take the story apart, fix what's broken, add in something a little extra, put it back together and see how much better it is. It's the perfect combination of writing and editing.

That funny that your favorite and least favorite part of writing both come after the first draft.  Maybe when I say I love editing, I really mean revision.  I think of them as the same thing.
Alright, well, thanks so much for the interview!  Anything else you want to say?
Thanks for having me on your blog! And if anyone wants to read more about me or my work in progress, I have my own page at

Be sure to check out Paulina's blog!  Have a great Thursday. Don't forget to enter the Teen Ten Page Contest and vote on the Teens' Top Ten Nominations!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Teen Ten Page Contest!

So, I'm a bit behind on this contest, but I hope you won't mind!  The Teen Ten Page Contest will open for entries tonight at midnight EDT.

Every four months and every time the blog gets to a fifty follower increment (like 50, 100, 350, 1750, ect.)
If we get two more followers, we'll have another contest!  (Following is a great idea)

I'll host this contest.  So to enter your150 words you can e-mail me at sarah(dot)y(dot)faulkner(at)  Then, me and my friend Hannah, a fellow teen blogger over at Candy Apple Books, will judge the entries and pick two winners.

These winners will get a ten page critique by a third party teen, who will change each contest.  The two winning entries for this contest will be critiqued by  Emily Rachelle, the winner of the last Teen Ten Page.
You interested?  The contest opens September 6th as midnight!

I know, I can't wait either.


  • Each person may only submit one entry.
  • If you submit more then one entry per contest, you will be disqualified.
  • If you submit and you have a blog, you need to post about the challenge on your blog or grab the button for your site and never have to bother with posting(unless you want to, of course).  If you do have a blog, put the post link in your e-mail with your entry.
  • Your entry consists of your name, your e-mail address and the 150 words  of your YA novel or short story.
The purpose of this contest is to have your work viewed and judged by teens.  Can may be any age to participate.

Here's an example of an entry.

Subject:  Teen Ten Page Entry

Dear Sarah,
Below is my entry for the Teen Ten Page you're hosting on Inklined.  Also, here's the link the the blog post where I talked about this challenge 
~Jane Dough

(Insert entry here)

Please don't stop your entry in the middle of a   Because that's just plain annoying in every

The contest closes 11:59 PM EDT on October 4.  I always send a confirmation e-mail, so if you don't here back from me in 36 hours, go ahead and re-e-mail me.  If you don't here from me after that, assume I dropped off the face of the planet or am stuck in a black hole somewhere.  Then try e-mailing Hannah.

You know you want to enter.  If I get ten people to enter, and those people would like to have their blog address on Inklined, I'll put up a Teen Ten Page particapant tab at the top of the blog and your blog address will be placed there.

Yes, you do want to do this.
Have a great Wednesday!  And don't forget to vote for the Teens' Top Ten Books.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Teens Top Ten Tuesdays

Happy Tuesday!

So, as some of you out there might know, the Teens Top Ten Book Nominations are going on right now.  The poll closes September 13th.  If you're between the ages of 12 and 19, you should take some time to pick your top three out of the 25 nominated titles.  It literally took me two minutes.

I'm going to take a closer look at the 25 nominated titles.

2012 Teens’ Top Ten Nominations
Austen, Catherine. All Good Children.
Max, his sister Ally and their mother return home to Middleton to find Ally’s classmates acting strange. It is the future, and the government has created a “vaccine” to make kids easier to teach- they are less rowdy, less likely to question, and willing to obey any direction. Max’s family has a choice:  to be “vaccinated”, to flee their home, or stay and fight.

Bick, Ilsa. Ashes.
Alex, Tom, and Ellie join forces after an electromagnetic pulse sweeps through the sky. The pulse kills most of the world’s population and destroys all computer devices, but it also turns some who remain into zombies or gives them superhuman senses.  

Cabot, Meg. Abandon.
Pierce has experienced death before and barely escaped. When she moves from her old town to a town called Isla Huesos - Island of Bones - for a new start, she realizes that death wants her back. Can
she escape death once again?
I've read this one, and I really liked it!

Cross, Julie. Tempest.
Jackson is a typical college kid until the day his girlfriend, Holly, is shot. Jackson decides he must use his one incredible gift, the ability to time travel. He goes back in time two years, trying to discover a way to alter the future so that Holly lives. The future is full of uncertainty and the past is full of betrayal- is there anyone Jackson can trust?

Dessen, Sarah. What Happened to Goodbye.
Ever since Mclean’s parents divorced, she has lived in four towns in two years – each time taking on a new persona. Mclean expects to leave Lakeview in six months, but soon finds that she doesn’t want to – she just wants to be herself.
Read and loved.  It's Sarah Dessen, what's to be unhappy about?

DeStefano, Lauren. Wither.
In the future, experimental genetics ensures that males only live to 25 and females to 20. When 16-year-old Rhine is kidnapped and sold into marriage, she is determined not to let her walls down for anyone so she can escape and go home to her brother. But when she meets her sister wives and Gabriel, a handsome servant, she finds it harder than ever as she tries to plan her escape under the watchful eye of her sinister father-in-law.
Read it!  You can read my blurb on it here.

Forman, Gayle. Where She Went.
This sequel to Gayle Forman’s If I Stay is narrated by Adam, Mia’s ex-boyfriend. Shortly after the devastating accident that killed Mia’s family, the talented cellist moves to New York, where an accidental meeting brings them back together.
Read it.  Liked it!

Gaughen, A.C. Scarlet. .
Will Scarlett is one of the Merry Men, Robin Hood’s legendary band of thieves, but what few people know is that Will Scarlett is actually...a girl! Disguised as a boy to escape from her past, Scarlett robs from the rich and gives to the poor. When an old enemy of Scarlett’s appears, she must choose:  Keep her identity hidden? Or keep the people of Nottingham safe?
Spotlighted it here.  Blurbed it here.  I also voted for it.

Goodman, Alison. Eona: The Last Dragoneye.
As the battle for ultimate control of her home draws near, Eona finds herself waging an internal battle that might cause more damage than the war threatening to break out across the kingdom.

Green, John. The Fault in Our Stars.
 Hazel and Augustus meet and forge a relationship at a support group for kids battling cancer. As Hazel and Augustus struggle with the “side-effects of dying,” they come to learn the strength of wishes, the complexities of long human lives, and the wondrous ways of the universe.
Made me laugh.  Made me cry.  Made me fall in love.  Made me vote for it.  Read more here.

Gulledge, Laura Lee. Page by Paige.
When Paige Turner and her family move to Brooklyn from rural Virginia, she tries to make sense of her new life through her sketchbook, which exposes her true personality and helps her find herself.

Lu, Marie.  Legend.
June, a fifteen-year-old military prodigy, is hunting Day, the outlaw she believes is responsible for her brother’s death. What will happen when the two meet and discover the government is corrupt?
Read it.  Liked it, but didn't vote for it.

McEntire, Myra. Hourglass.
Emerson Cole sees dead people- ghosts from the past blending in with her surroundings. When a new consultant from a secretive organization shows up at her door to try to cure her, everything changes. But living into the world of the mysterious Hourglass Society proves to be dangerous as the past merges with the present.

Meyer, Marissa. Cinder.
A futuristic retelling of the classic Cinderella, Cinder, a cyborg and talented mechanic, lives with her cruel stepmother and two stepsisters in the plague-ridden New Beijing. Soon after meeting Prince Kai, Cinder must find the truths of her past, which may help to save the future.

Myracle, Lauren. Shine.
When her best friend falls victim to a horrible hate crime, sixteen-year-old Cat sets out to discover the culprits in her backwoods town in North Carolina.

Ness, Patrick. A Monster Calls, Inspired by an idea from Siobhan Dowd.
Conor suddenly wakes up just past midnight to find a monster outside his window. This monster wants something from Conor that he is reluctant to give: the truth.

Oppel, Kenneth. This Dark Endeavor:  The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein.
In this prequel to Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein is on a dark quest to save his twin’s life.  With help
from his best friend Henry and his lovely cousin Elizabeth, the three go on a quest to concoct the mythical Elixir of Life. How far is he willing to go to save his twin?
I got and ARC of this book.  I read it before it had come out and didn't think about it again until I saw it on this list.

Revis, Beth. Across the Universe.
Cryogenically frozen centuries ago, Amy and her parents are on their way to a new planet aboard the spaceship, Godspeed. Unplugged from her cryo chamber, Amy discovers she has been awoken 50 years early, in a failed murder attempt. With Elder, the future leader of the ship, by her side they are on an adventure filled with murder, lies, dreams, and stars.
Riggs, Ransom. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.
When Jacob was little, his grandfather would tell him stories of the fantastical children’s home where he grew up and the seemingly magical kids who lived there with him. When his grandfather is killed, Jacob sets out to find the home where these children lived, unearthing a magical secret and uncovering his true heritage.
Started it.  I wasn't thrilled and didn't end up finishing.

Roth, Veronica. Divergent.
Abnegation (selfless), Erudite (intelligence), Candor (honesty), Amity (peace), or Dauntless (brave): where would you fit? Beatrice lives in a society where she must choose either to remain with her family’s faction or set off towards independence and her beliefs. And what happens when the unity between these factions begins to fall apart?

Sepetys, Ruta. Between Shades of Gray.
In 1941, Lina, her mother, and younger brother are taken from their home in Lithuania and sent to Siberia. The only thing that keeps her going is her secretlycreated art and the hope that one day she’ll be be reunited with her father.
Stiefvater, Maggie. The Scorpio Races.
Every November, the beaches of Thisby come alive with the Scorpio Races. The water horses are vicious, the terrain is treacherous, and death is likely, but the reward can be beyond anything you could imagine. Puck Connolly is racing for her family, Sean Kendrick for his passion—but only one can win The Scorpio Races.

Zarr, Sara. How to Save a Life.
A year after Jill’s father dies, her mother decides to adopt a baby. Mandy’s been living in different places, but now that she’s pregnant, she wants to make sure her baby has the love and support she never did. A story of two girls dealing with grief, new life, and everything in between when their paths cross.
I just read this book a week ago.  It was beautiful from cover to cover.
Zevin, Gabrielle. All These Things I’ve Done.  In 2083, water is rationed, paper is rare, and coffee and chocolate are illegal. Anya Balanchine balances a mobster family, ailing grandmother, and forbidden love - until it all comes crashing down.

So, which of these have you read?  Which are you going to vote for?  You can vote here.  Spread the word so that the best books of 2011-2012 win.  Winners will be announced on October 14-20th, National Teen Read Week.

Come back tomorrow for another Inklined post!