Thursday, November 1, 2012

NaNo Strategies

Hey!  So I'm amazingly 1,805 words into my 2012 NaNoWriMo Novel.  This is amazing to me because I thought it would be a lot more difficult.
Here's what I'm trying to do.  Each day I'm trying to write 250 words before breakfast, 500 before lunch, 1000 before dinner, and then 1750 before bed.  Is seems like a lot, but saying I need to write 500 words before lunch and then another 500 before dinner and 750 at night is a really great way to not get overwhelmed.  I think being overwhelmed is probably why a lot of people quite NaNoWriMo.  I just plugged those numbers into a calculator and if I can keep this rate up, I'll write 52,500 words this month.  Eckk!

Now for two not so great notes.  One, I have no writing buddies on YWP site.  I feel like a total loser.  Two, the Young Writers Program Site is not working. I think it might just be overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of young writers.  Or aliens ate it.  Either way, I'm not okay with it.  Not at all.  If anyone has any ideas on how I can get access to it again, please clue me in.

Until some later date.

~Sarah Faulkner


  1. Aw, I'll be your writing buddy! Thing is, I'm not on the YWP site. I'm on the usual.

    1. Yeah, Rosie. That's the problem. Next year I'm going to do the other one for sure. Thanks though! :) Happy NaNoing.

  2. One: I could've sworn I buddied you! What's your profile link again?

    Two: The NaNo site's just overwhelmed from all the visitors trying to log words and hang out after writing or get help for block, etc. etc. Keep clicking refresh, open the link in a new tab, or come back in a little bit. That's all that really works.

  3. A 1: My link is

    2:Yeah, I've found that during school hours it's a lot better, and this morning at 6:30 is worked perfectly.



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