Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Liebster Award!

A huge thank you to Jake over at Jake's Writing Adventure for nominating me for the Liebster Award!  I'll be honest, I've had my eye on this award for a little while now.  So you can guess that I'm pretty ecstatic to do this post.

The Liebster award is where Bloggers nominate other bloggers they like with 200 followers or less. Any type of blog can be nominated. It's a way to get to know new bloggers and to network with them. Here's how it works:

1. List 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger who nominated you left.
3. Ask 11 new questions for those who you nominate.
4. Choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers to nominate.
5. Go to each blogger's page and let them know about the award.
6. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.  (I didn't realize this rule until after I wrote the above intro.)

So, I guess the next thing is 11 facts about myself:
1. My favorite color (blue) does not appear in my blog background.
2. My favorite book of the Bible is Romans.
3. I have now been blogging for more than one year.
4. I am making Fro-Yo as I'm writing this.  :)
5. I'm playing the part of Lydia Bennett in my local homeschool drama troupe.
6. I follow 73 blogs, but only actively read about 30 of them.
7. I'm currently considering majoring in Pre-Law, Political Science, Criminal Law, Social Work, or something like that.
8. I'm really ready for my Fro-Yo to be ready.
9. I've written a lot more this week then I have since November and NaNoWriMo.
10. It's foggy here, and the horses are really looking beautiful.
11. I have piano lessons tomorrow that I'm not looking forward to.

Alright now for my 11 questions:

1. What's your favorite thing to do in your free time?
Facebooking, Youtubeing, Reading, Writing.  I guess I don't really have one.
2. Favorite desert?
Do I really have to tell you?  Fro-Yo!
3. Give two or three adjectives that best describe you.
Uhm. . . loud, sarcastic, um . . . yeah, we'll go with those.
4. Do you have a role model? Who?
My older sister, K, really had a big influence on me in a lot of ways, from the way I approach being a big sister to the way I read my Bible.
5. Favorite music genre?
Christian Chic Rock
6. If you could have one superpower what would it be?
I think I would either have super reading speed or be able to speak and understand all forms of communication  from Madrin to ASL.
7. Do you like working alone or with others?
As  homeschooler, I mostly have to work alone out of practicality, so I don't have a ton of experience working with others on like a school project, but of course there are some things you have to do with others, such as drama and choir, and I love both of those.
8. Do you prefer starting tasks or finishing them?
I think is depends on the project, but I guess starting projects.
9. If you were a (hopefully nice) dictator what would be the first thing you'd do?
If it was in America, I would abolish abortion.
10. Cats or dogs?
Cats.  I would only want a smart dog and they take a lot of time and energy, where as cats will sit next to you as you read a book and never bark as squirrels.   
11. Why did you start your blog?
I started my blog because I'd read about building a platform for yourself before you even approach an agent or publisher.  But that's not why I've continued it.  I keep blogging because I think it's good for your writing, your accountability, and I just plain love all my readers!

1. If you could go to one concert for free, who would you see?
2. If jelly stopped existing, how would you make a PB&J with something else as the J?
3. If you could go any one place, where would you go?
4. What, if any, channels are you subscribed to on Youtube?
5. Chemistry or Physics?
6. Do you play in instrument?  If so, what?
7. What's your favorite breakfast cereal?
8. How do you like your eggs cooked?  (If you're a vegetarian, how do you like your tofu cooked?)
9. Do you listen to music while you blog?
10. What was the title of your first blog post?
11. Why did you start blogging?  (Stolen, I know.  But it's a great question.)

I hereby nominate: (this list is in alphabetical order)
1. Sienna North at A Christian Fantasy Blog: Of Faerie & Faith
2. Hannah at Candy Apple Books
3. Emily Rachelle at Emily Rachelle Writes
4. Caroline at Every Manuscript: A Teen Writer's Blog
5. Sarah Holman at Homeschool Authors
6. Molly and Abby at Odds and Ends Twins
7. Gillian Adams at Of Battles, Dragons, and Swords of Adamant
8. Victoria Grace at Stori Tori's Blog
9. Chauncea at Stuck in my Head
10. The Book Critic at Book Fangirling
11. Katelyn Shear at The Life of a Teenage Writer

I think that's it.  See ya!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Writer Monday: A Note of Encouragment

Dear Writer,
     Way to go!  You've written.  Because to be a writer, one must have written.  You must have written at least something.

     I've told people about my writing before and they say things like "Oh don't worry.  The first sentence is the hardest"  Or "Your last sentence is always the hardest."  But I don't think either of those are true.
      The hardest sentence to write isn't the first of the last.  The hardest to write is the next sentence.  The next step into the unknown is the most difficult.  And once you know that part of unknown is safe, you have to summon up the courage to take the next step forward, the next sentence toward your goal of finishing the book, finishing the series, or getting published.

     And so, in some very definite way, to be a writer, you must be at least a little bit crazy.  You must have that hunger for the unknown.  And your hunger in so intense that it can't just be satisfied in turning a page in whatever novel you're reading and discovering the unknown.  Oh no!  You want to find that unknown all on your own.  You want it to be your unknown, that you make and shape and create.

     So what are you waiting for?  Go!  Get of the internet and go take the next step into the unknown with the next sentence, paragraph, novel.  Go discover that character, that landscape, that plot line.  Make it your own unknown, and once you know it, once you've blazed the trail, give it to the others, so that they can follow along and discover the unknown too.

I'll leave you with this:  (I know it's quoted from someone, but I don't know who)
A few Letters make a Word
A few Words make a Sentence
A few Sentences make a Paragraphs
A few Paragraphs make a Page
A few Pages make a Chapter
A few Chapters make a Novel

You don't have to start with Chapters or Novels.  Just start with Letters.


Friday, January 18, 2013

Teens Can Write Too Blog Chain!!

I am a very horrible person.  I am an extremely and very horrible person.  All month I have been reminding myself to post on the 17th for the Teens Can Write Too January blog chain.  And then I forgot.  And I feel incredibly awful.
So yes, I'm doing this post a day late and I make loads and loads of various apologies.
The post topic is 
 “Is there one particular book that changed your life? If so, why did you 
originally choose to read it? What impact has it had on you?”     

The first book is, obviously the Bible.  But that was in an indirect way, because mostly sermons or talks with people who also read the Bible regularly has changed my life.  And completely for the better.

Here's a verse I discovered last night in my reading that I thought I would share.  Because it seriously has life changing qualities:
For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. ~Romans 8:38-39

The next book is The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner.  If you've been a follower of mine for any length of time, you would know that The Thief is the first book in my all time favorite series.  Ever.  Originally, my older sister read this book aloud to me.

I am crazy blessed to live in a family of book lovers.  I was read to by my Mom, (Little House on the Prairie, Miracle on Maple Hill, those sorts of books)  my Dad, (Little Britches, The Great Brain, and anything by E.B White) my oldest sister, (Anne of Green Gables, The Secret Garden,and The Westing Game) and my other sister, (Artemis Fowl--all 8 of them--, Mara Daughter of the Nile, Magnus, Shadow Spinner  and The Queen's Thief books.)

So yeah . . .  lots of books.  Is it really any wonder I want to be an author?  But there was just something special about The Thief and the other books in the series.  Something genius.

You see, before The Thief, I was read to and I listened to books on tape and CD but that was pretty much it.  I didn't like reading.  It was boring and took too long.  But then I was read The Thief and everything changed.  Suddenly, I realized that there was a whole host of books open to me only in print. (Books that hadn't been recorded aloud.)  And so, in about 4th Grade, The Thief is the reason I read books.
Thank goodness my sister read it to me.  (Although some of my beta readers might disagree.  :P)

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Also and on a completely unrelated note, check out this trailer and then like this Facebook page.  Pretty please!?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Reading Challenges

G'Day World!  How are you doin'?  I'm just dandy.  Thanks ever so much for askin'!  (and yes, I imagined all of that in a British accent.)
Okay, now that the pleasantries are over, I'm very excited to announce that Inklined is participating in its first EVER reading challenge!
Because I've never done one of these before, I decided to start with just one.  We'll maybe see if I try to fit in some more next year.  I chose to start out with the Debut Author Challenge.
For this challenge, you must read and review at least 12 YA/MG debut author's work that was published and read between January 1st and December 31st of 2013.  Shouldn't be all that hard.  Right?  Looking back at last year,  I read about 10.  So two more should be all that difficult.
If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, head over to hobbitsies.net to sign up.  I'm signed up as number 406.  That's a lot of participants.  I'll try to come out with a list of my 12 books sometime this month!
Happy reading.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What I'm Reading Wednesday

Hey everyone!  How's it going?  Today, I felt like posting but couldn't think of a topic.  Then I realized that it's Wednesday and I haven't done a What I'm Reading Wednesday in AGES!  So, here it is!

We'll kick off with Soulbound by Heather Brewer.  If you're an observant type of person, you might realize this is one of the books that made my 12 of 2012 list.  And you'd be right.  I read Soulbound in October, but I'm pretty sure I haven't done a post about it yet.  If I have, please forgive and but feel free to let me know in the comment section.  Anywho, Soulbound was a really superb fantasy and I can't wait for the next book to be released in August.

Then I read Underworld, the second book in the Abandon trilogy by Meg Cabot.  Man.  It seams to me that Meg Cabot does a fantastic job with any genre she sets her hand to.  What do you think?  There were some more mature content then the first book, which I didn't really care for, but if it had to be done, Cabot did it skillfully.

After that, we've got Fallen by Lauren Kate.  This is another paranormal novel that I quite enjoyed.  I've since read the two books in the series after Fallen.  If you don't mind some stretching of biblical history, this book is a wonderful read.  There is some heated romance, but nothing too bad, as far as I can remember.

Up next is the Vindico by Wesley King.  This is a super hero form comic book.  It's pretty decent.  If you're looking for long-ish super hero books to read to a younger sibling or child, especially a boy, Vindico would be a good choice!  Hope you enjoy it.

Then I read The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan.  I was in middle school for The Lightning Thief and the whole Percy Jackson series, and that's still the age group Riordan is writing for.  As someone who has sort of outgrown that stage, I'd love to see Rirodan write a few books for the older YA age group.  That being said, I did love The Mark!  It hold very true to the world of Percy Jackson and I'm very anxious for the next book to come out.

So yeah!  That catches us up to November 17th.  Only about two months more to catch up to now.  Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Friday, January 4, 2013

12 Best Books of 2012

Hey everyone!  While I was lounging on the couch with a killer cold watching White Collar and (not) doing Government homework I found myself perusing around my blogger feed.  I saw a post from my friend Hannah, over at Candy Apple Books.  Her post was Top Ten Books of 2012.  Seeing her list, I was inspired to do a similar post.  But because I'm not as awesome as Hannah, I could just pick 10 books.  So instead, I'm going for a full dozen.

12.  Coming in as the 12th best book I read in 2012, I present to you How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr.  This is a wonderful, sweet and touching story.  I first brought it home from the library because I thought it might be the book adaption of the movie by the same title.  Although the book wasn't what I thought it would be, it turned out to be better.  You should read it.  Seriously.

11. The Fault in our Stars by John Green was a wonderful read.  It had a sweet story and a touching romance, but there were a few scenes that really should have been left out.  As a Christian teen, I don't want to read about that sort of stuff.

10. I really enjoyed the Beka Cooper series by Tamara Pierce.  Unfortunately, the series starts out pretty clean but gets worse as it goes along.  Seriously, we teens have enough sexuality forced down our throats without having it crammed into all YA novels too.

9. Everyday by David Levithan was a book that took my breath away.  This book has a lot of mature content that I wish had been left out, but I loved the plot.

8. At number eight, we've got The Angle Experiment by James Patterson.  Okay, well I actully loved the whole series, but in case you were wondering, The Angle Experiment is the first book.  (After writing this, I realized that I am probably that last person on the face of the planet to read the Maximum Ride books, but oh well.)

7. Next on the list is Soulbound by Heather Brewer.  I didn't think I'd heard of this author until I checked my library shelves and saw that she is responsible for several well known paranormal novels.  Paranormal isn't really my thing, so that explains why I didn't recognize her name.

6. At sixth place, we've got Insignia by S.J. Kincaid.  Amazing novel, especially for the authors debut!  I especially loves how clean it was.  I might have a hard time reading it to my brothers because of some action scenes but not because of any mature content.  Check it out sometime!

5. I must say, Ender's Game did not disappoint.  I saw references to this book in a handful of Writing books, but didn't pay much attention to it until one of my older siblings loaned me his copy.  Thank you, older brother!  This book blew me away! 

4. In fourth place, I loved Animal Farm by George Orwell.  Wow does this book make you think.

3. Coming in a close third, we've got The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima.  As I've stated before, this book really surpassed my expectations.  I sincerely hope Ms. Chima sticks with Mid-Evil Fantasy.  She does it fantastically!

2. Second place is Unwind, by Neal Shusterman.  I must have a thing for heavy reading.  I don't know how much buzz this book received, but whatever it was, it wasn't enough.  This is a great futuristice novel about what happens when we as a society continue to blur the lines between when a person gets his humanity.  Is it at conception, birth, or age 18? A must read for every teen and most adults too.

1. And rolling in with spot one, my favorite book of 2012, I give you The False Prince by Jennifer Neilson. This books is wonderful.  I've read it I think 4 times.  And yeah, it was published in April.

Honorable Mentions:
13. The Hate List by Jennifer Brown
14. Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder
15. Just Listen by Sarah Dessen
16. Zelah Green by Vanessa Curtis
17. Ordinary Magic by Caitlen Rubino-Bradway
18. The Girls of No Return by Erin Saldin
19. Fallen by Lauren Kate
20. The Selection by Kiera Cass

So yeah!  Those are the 12 best books I read in 2012, plus some others that nearly made the list.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

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