Saturday, April 6, 2013

Teens Can Write Too! Blog Chain

Hi!  (How's that for an into?)
Because I'm a horrible person, I didn't realize I'd been assigned a date for the Teens Can Write Too! monthly blog chain.  So this post was supposed to be written on the 6th instead of now.  I'm greatly sorry and many apologies.
The prompt for this month's blog chain is
"What is your ultimate goal as a writer?"

I guess I would say that my ultimate goal as a writer would be to WRITE.  When I first started writing, I was 12 and I didn't do it to become the next NYT best-seller or the youngest girl on the USA Today top 150 Books list.  I did it because I loved stories, and I had such a thirst for them that my library just couldn't satisfy.
So far, in the over 150,000 words I've written, I have submitted 0 words for publication.  Would I love to be published someday?  Absolutely!  But right now I know that I need to get better, I need to build more diligence  and learn how to tell great stories.
So yeah, I guess my short term goal is to learn to tell great stories that keep people up long after they should have gone to bed.  The kind with characters so alive, you can't help bu write fan-fiction and fantasize about the characters other adventures.  And my ultimate goal is to get those stories that I love to other people that love them.  If it ends up that only five people really connect with the stories I have to tell, that would be awesome.  And if Donald Maass and John Green and Cassandra Clare connect with my books too, well . . . that would be awesome too!

Thanks for having me on the Teens Can Write Too tour!  I had a wonderful time.  Hope you enjoyed my post.  Short but sweet was the goal.
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  1. Excellent post. I quite agree with you-- to write good, enduring books is a better goal than to be successful.


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