Thursday, August 22, 2013

What I Want for My Books and My Readers

Part 2: Readers and Characters

I want people to be able to bond with each and every character in my stories.  I want all the character’s relationships to be deep and layered and JUST beyond the readers understanding.  I want you to not only see the characters, but also hear them, feel them, and smell them.  If my reader passes someone who looks just like my character on the street, I want the reader to turn their head. I want characters that are slightly larger than life.  The kind of characters you wish you could be or you hope will never be born.  I want to smile when I think of every good character and look over my shoulder when I think of the bad ones. I want the reader to worry because the character’s path might just get them hurt.  I want the reader to understand things about the characters before the characters understand the about themselves. I want each character and idea fleshed out just enough that the reader understands them and isn’t confused, but not so much that the reader had nothing more to learn about them.

I don't want to settle for a good book when I might be able to write something great.

Thanks for reading!

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