Monday, September 2, 2013

What I Want for my Books and my Readers

Part 4: Wrap Up

I don’t want a single scene that is weak, boring, or treats the reader as if they don’t understand something.  I want every scene to have the potential to be the reader’s favorite.  I want to use silence and use it well.  I want the reader to take away more than just a story or a character from my book.   I want the reader to understand the characters a little more each time they read.  I want the reader to be changed by reading my book. I want you to read my book and go Wow! I want to be as professional as possible.  I want the timing of the story to be spot on, so that it’s easy to read the whole thing in two or three sittings.   I want to be able to read my work and not find a problem with it.

I want the reader to love the story.  And I want to give them a story worth loving.

Thanks for reading!

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