Monday, December 23, 2013

{You Know You're a Writer When} Tag . . .

Hey guys!  First of all, just wanted to let you know that posts for the next two weeks will come when I fell like writing them, or possibly not at all.  I'm on Christmas break and all my siblings are home for the holidays, so I might be too busy beating my family in Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, and Power Grid to write new blog posts.

I was tagged yesterday by Sarah, over at Dreams and Dragons.  I had another post planned for today, but this one just looked like so much fun.  To complete this tag, I have to post four to six signs of being a writer, without knowingly copying anyone else, then tag as many other bloggers as I want.

So . . . You know you're a writer when . . .

1. When you take time away from playing (and beating) your family in a board game to critique a friend's short story.

2. When you buy as many school notebooks as possible at the start of the year, even though you know you'll never need that much paper for school this year.

3. When most of your Christmas wish list consists of novels and writing craft books and you insists they all be bought new so the money actually goes to the author.  (I kept having to tell my mother I'd rather have 3 new books than 5 used.  I'm not sure she believes me.)

4. When you're a little disappointed for Christmas, because it means you didn't finish your novel by your deadline.

5. When you're organizing a Twitter chat for teens everywhere to talk about books.  That right, I'm hosting what I hope to be a monthly Twitter chat.  I'm calling it the Teen Book Chat and the first chat will take place Monday, January 6th at 8:00 PM eastern time.  To join us, just use the hashtag #TBkChat.  For more information, I've created a second blog.  You an find it by clicking here. 

That just about sums it up.  Hopefully on Thursday I'll do a Christmas book haul, but I guess we'll see what Santa brings.

For the tag, I'm tagging:
Julia @ Julia the Writer Girl
Hannah @ Candy Apple Books
Jillian @ Covers and Ink
Lily @ Lily's Notes in the Margins
And YOU, if you want to join in.

Merry Christmas.  I'd just like to leave you with the reminder that Christ is the reason for CHRISTmas and I don't plan on ever taking him out of the equation.  You're welcome to feel differently, but that's how I feel.

Thanks for reading!  If you're looking for something to comment, I'd love to know your twitter handle and/or what you're hoping to ger for Christmas in the way of books.


  1. Thanks for tagging me, Sarah! This sounds fun. My Twitter handle is @Coversandink. I'll be happy to join in the Teen Book Chat :)

    Oh, and I completely agree with your little note at the end. I even wrote a guest post about "Keeping Christ in Christmas". I think that a lot of people get too wrapped up in all the chaos and the presents and forget about the true meaning of the holiday. Merry Christmas!

    1. Merry Christmas to you too!
      Thanks for reading and it would be wonderful to have you as part of the book chat!

  2. Settlers of Catan! I love that game! Have fun beating your family!

    I love your signs of writer-dom, especially #4. The Twitter chat sounds like fun, but as I'm not on Twitter, I'll have to sit it out. I hope it goes well.

    Thanks for doing my tag!

  3. Hi! My twitter handle is @KendraEArdnek (Yeah, creative, isn't it?) though I don't use it very often. As for what book I want for Christmas, I'm really not sure. I have a long list of books I want to read, and a list almost as long of books that I have acquired (whether via Kindle or in physical format) that I need to read. However, if you don't mind me shamelessly advertising on your blog, my Christmas present to everyone this year is that all three of my long books and one of my short stories will be free tomorrow. (The short story and my oldest book are also free today and for a few days after Christmas)

    I have no need of buying notebooks right now ... there's a huge stack in our school room that my Grammy collected over several back to schools. However, I do routinely stock up on mechanical pencils.

    And I thoroughly agree with your closing statement. We need to remember that Christ is the reason for the season (pardon the cliche phrase) and not the huge stacks of presents that you may or may not be getting.

    1. Oh, what are your books called and where can I get them?

    2. Sew, It's a Quest; Do You Take This Quest?; and The Ankulen. The short story is "The Derao." All four are available on Amazon. Sew and Derao are already free, and the other two are free tomorrow only.

    3. I've read Sew, It's a Quest and The Ankulen, and I liked both of them. :) I need to buy Do You Take this Quest?

  4. Thanks for tagging me, Sarah! What a fun prompt.

    Merry (late) Christmas to you, too, and happy early New Year! I might participate in that Twitter Chat.


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