Thursday, January 2, 2014

In 2014, I Will

Happy New Year, guys! Around this time last year I posted a kind of New Year's Resolution post relating to blogging, writing, and life in general.

I think the list really helped me get motivated to push through with writing this year.  So I want to make another list, this time of things I want to do in 2014.

In 2014, I will
Finish my NaNo Novel
Win a NaNoWriMo
Edit my first novel
Win a Go Teen Writers 100-for-100 contest
Do major revisions on another novel
Reach 100 Blog followers (89, currently)
Reach 100 Twitter followers (61, currently)
Host a monthly Twitter Chat (Click here for more info)
Write at least 1K a week
Read 50 books, about 4 a month
Query literary agents with at least one project
Enter a writing contest (if possible)
Publish at least 250 blog posts (This is #160)
Read at least one craft book
Go to a book signing, if possible
Participate in some kind of writer event, if possible

That's my list of things I want to accomplish.  At some point I will probably add some sort of timeline.  Right now I'm focusing on finishing my NaNo novel first drafts.

I would really encourage you to make some kind of list of your own.  I find them really helpful.

What are some of your 2014 goals?  I'd love to know!  Or if you make a similar post, please leave me the link.

Thanks for reading!


  1. These sound like great goals! I'll be doing a post on this later, but my goals include:
    -100 words a day, 6 days a week
    -Finish my two WIPs
    -Edit my 2012 Camp NaNo novel
    -Enter some writing contests
    -Read more classics

  2. I'm doing a blog post on this for the third or fourth, as I have several goals, but here's a couple of the ones I want to do:

    3000 words a day on The Neptune Races
    3 chapters a week on The Identicals
    Query a few literary agents
    Finish rewriting Dreamwalker, maybe?
    Work on Trapped in a Fairytale
    Finish Undone, my historical

    Tabby (

  3. Finish my current wip.
    Start another.
    Query my short story.
    Write another.
    Read more.
    Study my craft.
    Continue to learn, to push, to persevere.

  4. Hi, Sarah! Wow, you have a great blog! You said that you have 5 siblings, I do as well! I subscribed. It looks like you have great advice on writing. How long have you been running this blog?

    1. Hi Brooke! I'm so glad you found my! It's always cool to find people with big families. We're a dying breed. I've been blogging for about two years. :)

  5. I have a couple writing goals for the year, my main goal being that I finish the first draft of my book.

    I hope you have a great year of writing and awesomeness :) (according to this list, I think you will)

  6. These are all great goals! Kind of makes my resolutions look pretty pathetic. Lol.

  7. Meep. You all have excellent, writing-centered goals, and I have very few resolutions and many of them are outside of writing.
    These are those :

    Finish and edit [NaNo13Novel]
    Write two blog posts per month
    Write, dance, sing [countryname] (or, in English, write three legends, three songs, create three dances)

    Your goals look like great ones to have!


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