Thursday, January 30, 2014

Teen Book Chat

Hey guys!
In January I started something.  But I didn't write a post about it because I'm just silly like that.  Instead I just put the button in the sidebar and decided to see who would click it.

As many of you might know, I joined Twitter a few months ago.  And then I just kind of sat there for a weeks months.  Every so often I would poke Twitter with a stick and mutter, "What is it?  Is it alive?  What am I supposed to do?"  And then I began to realize how cool Twitter was.  I wish it was something I used sooner and something I used more.

After some research, I decided to launch a monthly Twitter Chat and see what would happen.  The first chat took place the first Monday of January.  While there weren't a ton of people joining in, I really enjoyed myself and decided to keep the project going for at least another month.

The next Teen Book Chat takes place Monday, February 3 on Twitter at 8:00 PM Eastern Time.  The first hour of the chat, we'll discuss the four questions, one every fifteen minutes.  For the last half an hour, we'll just have an open chat relating to the topic or other things YA books. Don't forget to use the hashtag #TBkChat to keep in the chat.  February's topic is : Being a Teen Reader Today.

The questions for February are:
Q1 Do you think being an active teen reader is more accepted now than before the success of books like #HarryPotter?
Q2 Do you think the internet has made reading into less of a solitary hobby, with things like Tumblr and fanfiction sites?
Q3 Do you think interactive fan websites with forums and such encourage a love of books or take time away from actually reading?
Q4 Do you use website to interact with other lovers of YA?  If so, which websites?

Please help spread the word about this chat.  If you have a blog, grab the button HTML in the sidebar.  If you know a few YA lovers who'd be interested, send them this link. The more people involved, the better!

I'm really excited about Teen Book Chat.  I feel like I have no great place where I can talk about books to teens who actually like to read.

Like I said, if this looks like something you'd be interested in, please blog, tweet, pin, and share Teen Book Chat.  You can find the official Blog, Twitter, and Pintrest Board here.  If you really don't want to miss the chat, set a reminder on your calender or phone.

We'd love to have you join the chat!  Comment if you think you might, or if you have an questions.

*Sidenote* Inklined turned two on Saturday.  It's hard to believe I started blogging over two years ago.  I've grown and changed a lot since then, but the choice to start blogging is one I still totally agree with.  Thanks for sticking with me.*

Thanks for reading!

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