Thursday, March 27, 2014

Support an Author, March Edition

You may remember a post I did about 2 months ago called Support and Author 2014 Pledge.  In that post, I promised to buy a book every other month of 2014.  In January, I bought Sixteen by Emily Rachelle and at the beginning of this month I bought The Shadow Throne by Jennifer A. Nielson.

I don't buy many books, so I was pretty excited to buy The Shadow Throne.  I'd convinced my mom to take me to Barnes and Nobel the day it came out.  I had a pretty, new B&N gift card I was ready to break it, and I was excited to get my shiny hardcover copy hot off the press.

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I knew how much the book was on the B&N website.  I knew how much Amazon had it for, and I knew the publisher, Scholastic, had it on sale too!  The average price was about $12.50.  I knew there was a markup for buying it in the store, so I expected to pay about $15.00 for it.  But that's not how much it was.  From what I remember, the book was more like $17.99.  That's a pretty big mark-up in from my perspective.

I live in a big family.  At any given time, enough of us want things from Amazon that we can pretty easily put together a order of $35 and get free shipping on Amazon.  As much as I want a book, and as much as I love to support authors, my parents also taught me to be smart with my money.  The convenience of a real live bookstore isn't enough to outway a $5 difference in my book.

After some thought, I decided to go home and get the ebook.  This was probably a good decision, because now I own the entire trilogy in ebook form.  It was also the cheapest and I got the book right away.  On one hand, I feel bad, because I value places like B&N.  But on the other hand, one author told me that she makes more off an ebook than a hard copy, so in a way it's more supporting of an author.

I love places like B&N.  They're like 'the place to be' for book worms, those of us under 21 who respect the law, and people who are geeks but don't like the rolepalying card games found at the other geek refuge, the game shop. Bookstores are like libraries without free computers and school groups.  They're like really awesome coffee shops with words instead of walls.  And it makes me sad that cozy places like this are going out of business.  But on the other hand, I don't see how places like B&N can survive in a world of ebooks and Amazon.

Have you bought any books recently?  Do you find the convenience of a physical bookstore is enough to make you pay those extra $5?  How have you supported an author this month?  What do you think about bookstores going out of business?

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  1. I want to buy Shadow Hand, but I keep waiting (for various reasons). I'm planning to buy it sometime in April, though. For me, bookstores aren't convenient at all- the nearest one is almost a half-hour away- so I tend to do most of my book shopping online. I do prefer to buy the paper-and-ink version rather than the eBook, though.

    As for bookstores going out of business, it makes me very sad. Though I don't often buy books in-store, I do love going to the stores, and if I find something I want and have money for it, I'll generally buy it then and there. (Unless it's really expensive.)

  2. B&N is literally my favorite place in the whole world, and it makes me uber sad that it's going out of business. I just love being able to go to a bookstore and run my fingers through the unread pages of beautiful books. I still have yet to get The Shadow Throne, but I shall. I own the rest of the trilogy, and it would just bother me if I had to stare at my incomplete trilogy on my bookshelf forever (plus, it sounds like it's going to be super good, so I have to read it).

  3. BN is wherer I want to work xD It's incredibly far away though, so I usually order things online.
    SIXTEEN, by the way, is super good. Are you going to review it?

  4. The most recent thing I bought was Ambushed by Jill Williamson, I haven't read it yet because I don't have the second book XD So I can't read it yet. =P
    I've bought several books this year, and every time I'm very happy because I'm supporting an author. =)

    TW Wright

  5. I'm more worried about libraries than I am about bookstores. But it's quite saddening either way.

  6. It is sad but true. It's harder to justify the markup in a bookstore, especially when you're on a budget.


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