Tuesday, April 8, 2014

what do you count?

Every generation wants to have counted, right?
Well internet kids, we already have.

We've counted characters in our tweets
and calories in our food.

We've counted our friends on Facbook
and the number of notes we have on Tumblr.

We've counted pounds on a scale
and views on a video.

We've counted our score on Farmville
and also on the SAT.

We've counted our shots at parties
and also the number we weren't invited to.

We've counted our followers on Instaram
and the number of Likes our selfies got.

We've counted our class rank at school
and we've counted our jean size as Macy's.

But while playing this numbers game;
while keeping up with all the chatter;
did we make sure we count?
Or did we make sure we matter?

because sometimes you just feel like being creative.


  1. *grins* I like this a lot, Sarah! Made me smile! =)

  2. Very good point, and very well written.

  3. this is so true! If the internet was taken away, would there be any proof that our generation existed?
    Great job Sarah!

  4. This is so true. Folks used to be defined by the books they read, the political views they held, their religion, etc. But some days you just feel so much like another number in the system- a bank account numder, your DL number, a phone number, insurance ID number and VIN. This post really said it. Liked it!


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