Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer Reads; Random Friday

What?  A post on Friday?  Who am I and what have I done with your friendly, predictable, neighborhood blogger?  Don't worry.  I'm still me.  I just felt like doing this post, so here goes nothing!

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This week's Random Friday topic is Summer Reads. My library has a summer reading program every year, and for the past few years they'll challenged you to set a reading goal of a number of hours, not a number of books.  I really think this way of book-goal setting, and then year my summer reading 45 hours.

Onto the books I plan to read!

1. City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare
This book came out a few days ago and I'm seriously having a hard time not buying it.  I'm getting it from my library soon, and I really don't want to buy it, but I'm so worried that someone will spoil it for me and I don't want that to happen.

2. To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han
As far as I can tell, this book is about a girl who writes love letters to her crushes.  That's about all I know about it, but it sounds good!

3. The Treatment by Suzanne Young
I got an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of the first book in this series and have been it's cheerleader ever since.  I expect just as much from book 2, and I refuse to be disappointed.  I am very excited for this book.

4. We Were Liars by E. Lockhart
I've only read one other book by E. Lockhart, The Disreputable History of Frankie Banks.  While there were some parts of that book I didn't appreciate, on the whole I found it funny and well written, and I'm excited to see what else this author as to offer.

5. Graduation Day by Joelle Charbonneau (June 17th)
This is the third, and I believe, final book in The Testing series.  I know some people didn't like the second book much, but I really did.  I'm excited to see how this series wraps itself up!

6. Heir of Fire by Sarah Maas (September 2nd)
O my goodness.  This series!  This series is by far my favorite of 2014, and I am so excited for the last book.  The main character in this series has quickly become my favorite female character in YA.  I can't wait to dive back into her story, although I'll be really sad once the series is over.

So yeah.  That's my summer reading list, although I'm sure I'll read more than just those this summer.  What about you?  Comment with a few books you plan on reading this summer, or do today's Random Friday post yourself.

Thanks for reading.  I'll see you Monday!

Monday, May 26, 2014


As you may have noticed, I've been some what distant the last two months.  I could blame a plethora of reasons, including vacation, finals, SATs, and recently discovering the show Supernatural, but I'm not going to blame any of those things, because I am responsible for my own actions or lack there of in the blogging sphere.

So all that being said, for the summer, from Memorial Day to Labor day, you can expect posts only once a week, either Monday or Thursday.  There may be the occasional Saturday Inspiration, but those types of posts will be short and sweet.

I would really like to focus on reading and writing this summer.  While I got a lot of writing done last summer, I also wasted a lot of time, and I don't want to do that this year.  My goal is to edit at least one if not 2 novels, and I'd love to finish my current first draft as well, but for now I'm taking a break from that draft to go edit.

Thanks for understanding, and have a great summer!  What writing goals do you have for this summer?  Any exciting writing or reading related plans?  Leave a comment or write up your own summer plans post and leave the link in the comments!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Top 7 Favorite Writing Resources

Hey!  Long time no posts, I know.  April was Camp NaNoWriMo and it would seem I can't be relied upon to post regularly during any time of writing sprint.  But it's May now (don't bring up that it was May on Thursday and last Monday, too and I didn't post then) and it's time for a post.

7 is one of my favorite numbers, so we're going to do this post in sevens. So without further ado, here are my top 7 favorite writing resources.

1. Go Teen Writers
You have probably heard me say this before, but this blog is the reason I kept writing past my seventh grade creative writing course.  It's grown me into a much more serious author and taught me so much about what it means to be a writer.  It's helped me connect with my two pest writing friends and I would be a very different person without it.  In my opinion, it should be ground zero for all things teen writer.  There's a blog, a Fascebook group, and a book and all of them have helped me immensely. If you're a teen writer and haven't checked it out, start now.  Start yesterday!

2. Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass
This book is one of my all time favorite writing books.  I read it pretty early in my writing ambitions (so early that it doesn't deserve to be called a career yet,) and this book had a huge impact on me.  It was the first writing craft books I bought, but certainly not the last.  For anyone looking to learn how to shape a stronger story, this book is for you!

3. The Art of War for Writers by James Scott Bell
If there's a writing book I love more than Writing the Breakout Novel it would have to be this one.  This book gives you the bare bones of a great story, and it's so helpful!  If you're just going to invest in one writing book, I would say go with this one.  It's worth every penny. This book is a little more about living the life of a writer, not so much about producing that polished, amazing one novel, which is probably why I like it more.  Anyway, you should read it.  Soon.

4. Hilari Bell's Writing Tips
Hilari Bell is an author who knew how to put in her time at the key board.  I believe she was working on novel 13 when novel 7 was first published.  She writes four writing tips a year and puts them on her website.  She writes mostly high fantasy and some of her tips are things I haven't seen in other places, so I think it's a book place to start reading.

5. High School
This may sound weird to you, and for that reason I plan to write a series about it sometime in the near future, but let me just say that these last two years of high school have improved my writing so much!  Since I write speculative fiction (fiction that doesn't take place in the real world) a lot of my pre-novel planing is world building.  It wasn't until Econ, US History, and US Government this year and last that I realized how much things like Geography, Government, Race, and Religion define a culture and country.  Basically, if you didn't take Econ, History, and Government in high school (or if you're in high school and are trying to decide what to take) I would strongly recommend at least giving them a try, especially if you do any kind of world building in your novel.  I'm also pretty excited to take Psychology next year.  I think it should help with characters.  So yeah.  Stay in school, kids!

6. Fiction
One of the greatest things about being a writer is that we get to read fiction and call it research.  You can learn a lot from any type of book.  For instance, I recently read a book that I just happened to pick up at the library.  I hadn't seen it or heard about it before, and honestly that's a little incredible fro me because I like to think of myself as pretty plugged in to the YA world.   The book was a quick read and I read it all in one Sunday afternoon.  And I learned something.  I learned at there was a reason I hadn't heard of this book before.  And that was that it just wasn't that good.  There wasn't anything glaringly, obviously wrong with it, but upon further thought, I began to spot the flaws.  Flaws like using the word 'felt' twice in the same sentence. And focusing more on the romantic subplot than the main plot.  And not having resolution with the main inner conflict.  These were flaws that I spotted among further examination. Hopefully I can learn from them.

7. Pinterest
What post on writing resources would be complete without a mention of Pinterest.  There are so many helpful articles, communities, and writing quotes.  There is setting inspiration, character inspiration, and novel inspiration of every sort.  If you don't follow some writing boards on Pinterest, you should.  If you're looking for somewhere to start, you can follow the Official Inklined board. It has articles, quotes, and other writerly things. If you're looking for more of an inspiration type board, I also have a Writing Inspiration board.  I like to think I follow a lot of great writing boards on Pinterest, so if you're looking for more boards, feel free to look at the ones I follow.

Those are some of my favorite writing resources.  What about you? Where do you go and who do you listen to when you're trying to figure out how to beat some writers block?  Where do you look to for advice? Leave a comment and let me know, or better yet write up a response blog post and leave the URL in the comments.

Just a quick note, Inklined passed 100 followers this month and I am beyond excited about that.  So cool to met new writing friends!

Have a great week and get some words written.