Monday, June 2, 2014

Liebster Award Tag Thingy

In the past month, I've been nominated for the Liebster award four times.  I'm feeling the love here, guys, so thanks!  I received nominations from Samantha S. @ Le Chaim (on the right), Trinity Lee @ A Quill In Her Quiver, Candice @ O Ye Scribes, and Maddie Joy @ The Wonderful World of My Life. Many thanks to all these lovely ladies for think of me.  Because I don't really feel like doing this 4 times separately, I'm going to lump all these posts into 1.

Here are the rules:
Thank and link back to the person who nominated you. (See above.)
List 11 facts about yourself.
Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you. (I'm going to do 22, instead, because of all the nominations.)
Nominate 9 bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers.
Ask them 11 questions.
Let them know about the nomination.

Facts about me:
1. I am currently critiquing a 150,000 word manuscript, and I critiqued 5,000 words yesterday.
2. I have never written a short story, but would really like to do so sometime in 2014.
3. My favorite food to make is cookies, especially chocolate, and especially these. (They are a chocolate lover's dream.)
4. I drink hot tea in the winter and ice tea in the summer.  I just switched tea.
5. Grocery stores stopped carrying my favorite kind of tea, so I buy it online. 'cause it's AMAZING!
6. I am having an inner struggle, because I put a word in all caps, and I don't normally like to do that.
7. I've never broken a bone.
8. My favorite food that I don't know how to make is Fro-Yo.
9. If you buy me Fro-Yo we will be best buddies forever.
10. Whenever I type 'me' instead of 'my' everything I read/write develops a pirate accent in my head.
11. I'm considering integrating the use of GIFs into my blog. What do you think of that idea?

Alright onto the 22 questions: (Bonus fact, I now have Taylor Swift playing in my head. Don't know about you, but I'm feelin' . . . yeah.)

5 Qs from Samantha:
1. Pinterest or Facebook?
This is really tough, but I'm going to have to say Facebook, because I don't connect with people well on Pinterest and in the end, doesn't it all come down to connecting with people?

2. Fictional crush? 
Will Herondale from The Infernal Devices and Han Alister from The Seven Realms series.  Also Neal Caffrey from White Collar, but that's a TV show, so I don't know if it counts.

3. What is your fashion style? 
I like feeling classy--I wear a lot of skirts, scarves, and heels--but I also like being a little edgy, with hats, fingerless gloves, and the color black.

4. If you could go on any TV show, what would it be? 
Either White Collar or Psych. Can you imagination being on Psych and knowing the truth about Shawn, but playing along anyway.  That would rock!  But also, White Collar, because then Neal Caffrey could teach me how to pick locks and pockets and it would rock too!

5. Favorite Ben and Jerry’s ice cream?
I have never had Ben and Jerry's ice cream.  I feel like that's a little sad/wrong somehow.  What's your favorite flavor?

7 Qs from Trinity Lee:
6. What is your favorite thing to drink?
It's a fight to the death between Virgin Strawberry Daiquiris and Chocolate-Marshmallow Milkshakes.

7. What fandoms are you in?
Pretty much every one but Game of Thrones.  I watched the first episode, but it just had so much mature content and swear words, that I refuse to watch any more.

8. How many ongoing writing projects are you working on? (Novels, essays, short stories, etc.)
I have 3 partial novels of other people that I need to critique.  I have one novel in the first draft stage and three that need some heavy editing.  So that's 7 projects overall.

9. Of those projects, which has the highest word count and what is it?
One of the novels I'm critiquing has a word count of 156K.  That's a lot.  The longest novel I've ever writing was 98K.

10. If you could live anywhere besides where you're living now, where would you live?
London, England.

11. Who would you most like to meet in person?
It's a two way tie between Elizabeth Liberty Lewis, and Lily J.

12. Your family and pets are safe and sound and you have two minutes to grab some things out of your burning house. What do you take?
My laptop, iPod, and Kindle. Also the family photo albums.

5 Qs from Candice:
13. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
All the wonderful readers, writers, and fellow bloggers you get to connect with!

14. What do you find most challenging about it?
Keeping to a schedule and not letting myself get obsessed with the number of page views and followers I have.

15. Suppose the authors of the classics were blogging today, whose blog(s) would you follow?
Jane Austen, Harper Lee, and CS Lewis, just to name a few.

16. What is your favorite genre of book?
The kind with words and a good plot.  But seriously, probably high fantasy, especially when character driven.

17. What is one piece of advice you would give to beginning bloggers?
Find some bloggers with similar blogs to you.  Comment on their blogs, tweet about them, share them on Pinterest and Facebook.  Ask them to do guest posts on your blog.  Also, find the schedule and type of post that works for you and stick to it. (I am, admittedly, terrible  at this one.)  One last thing.  Join Twitter and follow as many wonderful bloggers as you can.

5 Qs from Maddie Jay:
18. If you could only read, or only write, which one would you choose?
This is the cruelest question I've ever encountered.  But I'm going to have to go with read, because I feel like I would never grow as a writer if I never read anything.

19. What is your favorite kind of pop?
Cherry Root Beer.  You can only get it at soda fountains, but it's so good!  But pretty much any pop with cherry in it is delicious.

20. Ever rode a horse?
I'm afraid of horses, but I can currently see four out my window.  I have ridden them, a few times, but it's not something I particularity enjoy.

21. Something crazy you would like to do someday.
One day, I'd like pack a Barnes and Nobel with people, who are all there to meet me and have me sign their books.  Ideally, all of you, my lovely writer friends, will be there with your published books too!

22. Do you like to draw?
It's not that I don't like it.  It's that I have negative talent when it comes to drawing.  I've met five year olds with more artistic talent than I have.  I do really enjoy graphic design, though.  Like, designing everything you see on this blog.  Does that count?

Now to tag some people!

Hmm . . . let's see.  Because I got tagged so many times, I can tag as many people as I want, right?  Of course right!

Jillian @ Covers and Ink
Elizabeth Liberty Lewis @ Exhortations by Elizabeth
Grace M. @ Fictionally
Julia Byers @ Julia the Writer Girl
Alyssa Faith @ Literary and Lace
Someone who hasn't done it yet @ Ravens and Writing Desks
Maria @ The Idea Catcher
Writer4Christ @ The Story in a Spider's Web
Hannah @ The Writer's Window

I know I'm supposed to ask you 11 questions, but I have so many great questions and I loved being able to pick and chose the ones I wanted to answer.  So I'll ask 15 and you get to pick 11 to answer.

1. Favorite drink? Favorite soft drink?
2. Which bloggers would you most like to meet in person?
3. What are some of your favorite YouTube Channels?
4. If you could resurrect one fictional character, (who died in the novel) who would it be?
5. Favorite ice cream flavor/ concoction? (Cone, milkshake, ice cream cake, ect.)
6. If you could instantly master one hobby besides blogging and writing, what would it be?
7. How do you like your eggs cooked?
8. In a perfect world, every library and book store would stock what work of fiction?
9. What is one crazy thing you'd one day like to do?
10. What fandoms are you a member of?
11. What social media sites are you one?
12. What writing projects are you currently working on?
13. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
14. What do you find most challenging about it?
15. What is one piece of advice you'd give to beginning bloggers?

I know that post was crazy long, so free imaginary chocolate-marshmallow milkshakes to anyone who got through it.

If you want to answer some or all of these questions in the comments or in your own blog post, consider yourself tagged.  Or tell me some random facts about yourself.  Or just link to your blog.  Pretty much, I'm giving you all a VIP pass to the comment section.

Have a great week and happy writing!


  1. Thanks for tagging one of us down at RaWD! =) I'll try and get Journey to do it--I don't think she's done it yet. ;)

  2. Resurrect a fictional character, that would be Tris (Divergent). She really didn't deserve to be gassed right at the ending. I wanted yo harm the author at that point... cruddy, cruddy ending.

    1. I was less than impressed with the ending of that trilogy myself.
      ~Sarah Faulkner

  3. Hahaha I was just wishing I could get nominated so that I could answer the questions…I kinda need a blog first, though. XD So, answer time!!!

    1. Definitely Sprite.
    2. Lily Jenness, Sarah Faulkner, Stacia Joy Grabber (S. J. Aisling), and Scotty Martin.
    3. Mark Crilley. And BLIMEY COW!! :D
    4. Oooh…i think i'll go with someone from Beyonders. I have two people in mind, but I won't say who because SPOILERS and everyone needs to read it.
    5. Vanilla with banana slices and carmel sauce. *dies*
    6. Most likely archery. Or maybe singing…nah archery. :)
    7. Scrambled with cheese, the way my grandma makes them.
    8. I don't even know.
    9. Go skydiving.
    10. Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Studio C, LotR, AtLA, Disney, Narnia….
    11. Facebook and Pinterest.
    12. I'm seriously working on Children of the Nameless, but I occasionally write a bit of other stuff.
    13. - 15. No blog yet. :(

    Wow that's a really long comment. Sorry 'bout that.

    1. No need to worry about the long comment, after all, did you see the size of this post? And why don't you have a blog? I have a feeling you'd make a fantastic blogger!

    2. This post is kinda ancient history now, but I thought I'd let you know that I just started my blog!! Check it out if you want. :)

  4. Thanks for the nomination, Sarah! I vote yes on GIFs! And if you're ever looking to pack a B&N with people, I am totally there. :)

    1. Good to know, Julia! Thanks for commenting, and I'll keep your opinion on GIFs in mind.

  5. I definitely think you should incorporate gifs into your blog. Gifs can add humor and life to your blog posts, and even though some say that gifs are too informal for blogs, I don't see why blogs have to be written in a stiff and formal style. Blogs are like a journal and the blogger's personality, whether it be more formal or more informal should shine through. Gifs are a great way to help with that.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Ana! Now I just have to figure out where to find Gifs without joining the black hole known as Tumblr. Any suggestions?

  6. Yes, you should do GIFs!! That's one of the things I love about The Notebook Sisters' blog. :)

  7. Your advice to newbie bloggers is A+ GO YOU!!! And omg, thanks a lot, but I'm drooling endlessly over chocolate cookie truffles, I think I honestly need them in my life, like right now. *wipes drool off keyboard* I've never broken a bone either. In fact, I've never been to the hospital (apart from being born). I'm very low-maintenance apparently. ;) GIFS ARE THE BEST. My only advice is don't use fifty-two billion per post, because your readers' eyes will boggle. XD But then...sometimes I can't give gif advice because I'm quite gif-crazy. You could say it's a gif(t). Okay! Okay! Running now! My lame jokes are the worst. XD
    Cait @ Notebook Sisters

    1. Who are we kidding? Lame jokes are the best! I've also never been admitted to the hospital apart from birth. On one hand, I'm thankful for this, but on the other hand, hospitals really intimidate me now . . .
      Apparently everyone agrees that Gifs are the greatest, so I guess I'll be employing them now. Where do you find them, apart from Trumblr? (I'm scared that if I join Tumblr, I'll never get off my computer.)
      Thanks for commenting!

  8. Thanks, Sarah! I'll get my post up soon!

    1. Great! And my pleasure, Lily! Can't wait to read your post.

    2. Just posted it!

      Yay for White Collar and Psych! My family loves those shows. My sister asked me to make her pineapple fingerless gloves for her birthday, and I'm so going to do it.

      Out of curiosity, what is this amazing kind of tea you like? :)

  9. You've never had Ben and Jerry's??? WHAT???


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