Monday, June 16, 2014

Research Trip

You may have noticed it's Monday. You may have also noticed that this doesn't look like a typical blog post (if those mythical things even exist.)  I am writing the post from the lobby of a four star hotel. The view form my room looks out across the Potomac River, onto the Ronald Reagan Airstrip, and--if you look really closely--you can also make out The United States Capital Building.  (I'm also writing on a Mac, which makes up for any and all errors in this post, because guys, Macs are HARD!)

So yeah. I'm on a trip to DC.  I've never been here before, and every minute of it has been amazing, even the part where we got poured on at the Flight 92 Memorial. While here I met a fellow teen blogger and writer. If you can guess which one in comments, you will get e-hugs an e-candy. (I'll even give you a hint. Her blog title mentions a Harry Potter character(although not necessarily intentionally.)) (I think I may have just used double parenthesis correctly, and that makes me very happy.)

Guys, I could have taken the time to write a long and complicated blog post and set it ahead for today, but as I think we all know I have no where near that kind of forethought.

Enjoy you're week, I know I have been. And if you happen to be in DC right now, shoot me an e-mail and maybe we'll be able to hang out. (although that's, admittedly, highly unlikely.)

Happy writing! (And sorry for the number of parenthetical statements in this post!)


  1. I've never been to D.C., but I'd like to see it. Have fun on the rest of your trip!

  2. I've been. Have fun!! Eat ice-cream. ;)

  3. Glad you're enjoying D.C.! I, unfortunately, am not in the D.C. area (though I normally would be this time of year). Hope the rest of your trip continues to be awesome!

  4. Macs aren't that hard!! Once you've converted there's noooo turning back. (Seriously, I'm only a mac user of like 1.5 years and I lurve it so so so much.) *ahem* Yes. Back to the actual topic of the post . I hope you have a good time in DC! I've never been to DC, naturally, or, well, America in general. But I'm tempted. SO tired of winter here. *grumbles quietly*


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