Monday, August 25, 2014

The Pin It Challenge || Pinterest Take Over

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a writer in possession of a good imagination must be in love with Pinterest.  My own realization of this truth led me to thinking, "What if writers tried to take over Pinterest for a night?"
This led to the birth of an idea: The Pin It Challenge

Pin It Challenge!

The Challenge:

Pin 50 writing related pins on Pinterest in 30 minutes. That's a pin every 36 seconds, if you were wondering.

The Goal: 

To inspire writers, promote their websites, and take over Pinterest!

Challenge Accepted
The Rules:

Starting at 7:00 PM ET on Saturday August 30th, pick your own personal writing board to increase by 50 pins in as short a time as possible.  Record the number of pins already pinned and then start pinning.  Don’t stop pinning until you’ve added 50 pins to your board.
Pins may come from anywhere, other boards, outside websites, or your own hard drive.
Pins that count toward the challenge may be any type of content you find relevant to writing, including but not limited to these: quotes on writing, writing how-to articles, writing inspiration, book covers, setting and character inspiration, ect.
If you pin 50 new pins in 30 minutes or less, you complete the Pin It Challenge!

At 6:59 PM ET, pin the Pin It Challenge Accepted image onto your challenge board.  Once you’ve reached the 50th pin, add the Pinned it Image to your board and/or tweet about your success using the hashtag #PinItChallenge.
If you’re joining the challenge be sure to add your writing related Pinterest board to the link up below!

Pin It Challenge Info
Help Spread the Pin It Challenge:

All of these are totally option, the only things required to participate is a Pinterest account and an internet connection.
Pin the Pin-It-Challenge Images on one or more of your writing boards
Tweet about the Challenge using the hashtag #PinItChallenge
Write your own blog post spreading the word about this challenge

I so hope you get to join the challenge!  If you write a blog post about it, I'd love if it you'd leave the link to your post in the comments!  Don't forget to add your Pinterest board to the link up!

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  1. Do we have to pin the challenge accepted pin when the actually challenge begins or when we accept the challenge.


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