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Getting Into the Writing Zone ||| Guest Post

Hey everyone! You might remember that in my last post I mentioned that Andrea Marie had approached me and asked if she could write a guest post for Inklined. Well, she's here today, so everyone please give her a warm Inklined welcome, and don't forget to check out her blog, where you will find a guest post I wrote.

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Getting Into the Writing Zone

Hey guys! This is my very first time guest posting, and I’m especially stoked since this is for Inklined, an amazing writing blog! Anyway, I am here to talk about Getting into the Writing Zone, which is what I call that period of time when all you want to do is write, write, and write some more.

There are a bunch of different ways to get into it-the ones I find the most effective are what I’m going to discuss right now. However, it really depends on you; all of us have our own writing styles, rituals, and the like so some ways could work for you and some may not.

So first of all, I give myself a pep talk (I think this is weird, I’m not sure) and tell myself that I should just go ahead and write and enjoy doing it. I tell myself that I write because I want to, not so that people will know about me or my friends will think I’m cool (because honestly, they don’t). Finally, I tell myself to actually write and not just keep thinking about writing.

Sarah here. To listen to the music on Pandora that gets
me into a fantasy writing zone, click here!
Secondly, I have this playlist on my phone called ‘Writing Motivation Music’. It all started about a week or two ago, I was stuck at 4k words, and I just couldn’t push myself to hit that 5k milestone. I opened my phone and started playing Alive by One Direction, and before I knew it, by the end of the song I was almost halfway through 4k! Again, music may work for some people-I personally like upbeat songs-while some people may get the motivation to write when there is silence.

Aside from music, I really like going on the Internet and watching writing videos to keep me on track and to push myself to write. Basically I go to YouTube, watch a few videos on writing, and then I go back to my writing! Some Writing YouTubers I suggest are Word Nerds, Mandi Lynn, Katytastic, Kristina Horner, and Andrea Heckler. Their videos just want you to go back to writing as soon as you finish the video you’re watching!

Another great way to get into the writing zone is to read writing blogs. I recommend blogs like this (Inklined, duh) to be read when you’re stuck in the middle of a scene, a chapter, or anything and you want that push to keep going. The online writing community, especially the bloggers, are seriously so, so helpful when you need motivation and inspiration. After a few minutes of surfing through all these blogs online I just get this urge to shamefully stop what I’m doing, head off to my laptop, and write because I saw this pep talk post saying I write well and that I should be writing now.

Finally, turn off all distractions. If you really want to go deep into the writing zone and write for long amounts of time without getting distracted, be sure to turn off your phone-or put it on silent-, turn off the WiFi on your laptop, and turn off the TV. Getting into the zone needs a lot of discipline, but it’s worth it when you’re typing away and finally get a good look at the word count, and you’ve written over a thousand words in one sitting!

So I hope you enjoyed this post, be sure to share it with your writing friends just because, and check out Sarah’s post on my blog!

Keep writing!


Andrea Marie

Andrea Marie is a teenage writer, and now, a sort-of blogger. She is currently working on the first draft of her novel, while juggling her time with school, her school newspaper, practicing the electric guitar, and her reading time. You can find her on her blog,, where she rambles about anything from weird writing habits of hers or talking about Pitch Perfect for the 836493th time.


  1. I LOVE The Call! Amazing song!

    Thanks for the Youtube recommendations. I need to check those out. I love writing blogs, too, and so glad I found this one. Go Teen Writers is another one that really encourages me to write.

    Great post, Andrea!

  2. Great post, Andrea! Reading blog posts about writing and even books about writing often help to inspire me so I can get in the zone for writing, too. I just always have to be careful not to spend too much time reading about writing and make sure that I actually get writing done. Still, once I get past the first hundred words or so, I'm usually in the zone and don't want to stop. It's the best feeling ever when that happens.

    1. Thank you! And yes today I just got in the zone again, which is great.

  3. Thanks for the great post and the tips, Andrea!

    1. You're welcome. And thank you for your awesome feedback too!

  4. Listening to music and reading about writing help me get into the zone. Writing exercises and journaling are also great. Thanks for the post!

  5. I like to listen to movie soundtracks while writing, usually epic ones like Marvel soundtracks and the Night At The Museum ones. ;) I can't listen to anything with words, since I end up singing along. XD

  6. Interesting stuff! I haven't been in the "zone" for quite some time if I've ever even been there. I'm not sure,but I think what works for me is to write a little bit in a sit, but consistently (instead of a bunch every once in a while). Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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