Monday, April 27, 2015

What Makes Us Writers || Guest Post

Sarah here. I'm so excited we get to welcome Anne Marie Schlueter of AM Station today!  Please show Anne lots of friendliness, and if you like what you see here, head over to her blog and check it out!


We have a complex job. But is it really a job? It’s more of who we are. It is part of our essence, a part of what defines us. So perhaps it is more appropriate to say that we are complex people.

But are we really?

We understand the world in ways that others overlook. We can be still and silent and just watch and listen. Not many people can do that. We are aware of the sounds and smells around us while others are so lost in moving from point A to point B that they miss it all. We’re more concerned about what happens between. We want to know about the roads and dragons and forests that lie between A and B.

To be a writer is to be someone who is determined.

We don’t quit. Even when it feels like we’re spewing garbage, we put one word in front of the other. Even though we have a folder full of rejection letters, we hit “submit” anyway. We are unable to quit. Why? Because, for us, to quit would be to stop breathing. Simply, we cannot.

To be a writer is to be able to articulate beauty and sorrow. It’s the ability to turn feelings into words and slather them onto a page.

Writers are fearless. We are courageous. We are strong even when we feel weak.

We’re not afraid to just live.

A writer is not something you can become. A writer is someone that you are. If you write, if you listen, if you notice, if you love, then you’re a writer. Claim it. Embrace it. Be empowered by it. Don’t be ashamed of it. Tell people “I am a writer” because writing is tied to you as much as your name is.

Now go write!

Anne Marie Schlueter is a teenage writer with an affinity for words, music, food, and Jesus. Her articles have appeared on the Life Teen website and she blogs regularly. Other than that, she writes short stories and poetry, and is currently in the midst of editing a novel. Her blog: Twitter: (@sassqueenofmw)


  1. What makes us writers? The desire to write. :) It's true that we are determined. We go through a lot and so much rejection, but we don't quit.

    I love the end of this post. I almost wanted to shout, "RIGHT ON!" Like a hippie. :P

    Keep writing, keep dreaming, keep believing...that's my motto.

  2. We're also a bit crazy. ;)
    Love the post!

  3. Yes!!! I love this so much! "Writers are fearless. We are courageous. We are strong even when we feel weak." AHH I love that. =)

  4. YES. Thank you :) This post was perfect.


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